Tyche provides workforce planning, IA and IT support services, contract sourcing, research, and program support.

Managing Expertise and Talent 

  • Cyber and Information Security 

  • Business Process Re-engineering 

  • Strategic Planning and Acquisitions Support 

  • Software Development System Engineering 

  • Program and Project Support 

  • Auditing and Financial Management

Tyche actively pursues skilled and talented individuals from various talent pools. Our recruiting practices, methods, and strategies has enabled us to develop a pipeline of more than 4,000 potential candidates with varying levels of expertise in IA, project support, enterprise architecture, process engineer-ing, cyber security, financial management, and data analytics. Tyche has recently partnered with a global consulting and solutions team to provide an enhanced shared services and staffing capability.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to advance the mission of our clients, empower our employees, and focus on solving the right problems.

Corporate Staff Profile

Tyche Consulting has a strong customer-centric business culture. The vast majority of our recruits for project and transition support are PMP and ITIL-trained. Tyche employees have and maintain various certifications and industry credentials.